a short little baby song i wrote called she was worth the trouble that im gonna flesh out more later. 

so, yeah.

kelly montoya.

I call him “Daddy,” and as you might suspect, there are aspects of power exchange in our relationship. I am his. My body is his, my mouth, vagina, and asshole are his – and my heart is his. Awareness and involvement are important to both of us. If the cute girl at my favorite lingerie shop flirts with me, and I flirt back, I tell him. If I want to kiss someone or have sex with another person, I tell him. When I go to work and have a really fun sex scene, I tell him about it in detail, while I’m sitting on his dick that night. If I want to masturbate, I ask permission and frequently describe what’s going through my head at the time or send him pictures. I always thank him for each orgasm. In a different but very much equal way, he treats me with the same respect. Through trial and error, this is what we’ve decided works for our relationship.


Can we just talk about


These two




The King and Queen of porn (and kinky porn), are not only in a relationship, but they’re in the cutest fucking relationship in the entire fucking world, with the best D/S power dynamics in the fucking world.

Cute little shits.

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